The rest of Day 1

You thought the last post was the end of my day? Nope. Not even close. At the end of the last post it was all of 9 a.m. London time. I had just gotten started with my day even though I had already been traveling for 12 hours.

Once in the London airport, I waited an hour or so for some other Marquette students whose flight was coming in after mine. I killed the time by buying a Dr. Pepper, reading and people watching. The airport is probably the best place to people watch because more and more are always coming.

Northampton Square

When they finally came, we made our way to the train, the London Connect not the “tube,” as we had been instructed to do in an email. It was pretty difficult to maneuver with all our huge luggage bags, but we managed somehow. After the train we took a taxi which I swear  came about 4 inches away from killing a pedestrian and arrived at Northampton Square in London, home of City University.

The place was bustling with students which was both intimidating and puzzling seeing as classes hadn’t started yet. Here I was, a complete stranger with my big bags looking clueless as ever. I took the initiative, and my moms usual advice, and asked for help at the front desk (shocking I know). I got plenty lost in the large building with only one entrance but eventually reached the Student Center where they made my ID. I was officially a student.

Then I went down and the rest of the group, which had stayed to watch the bags so as not to lug them around everywhere went. While it may seem the whole process has been quick and smooth, it was no where near that. I landed at 8 a.m. and was finished registering around 2 p.m. I was starting to feel the effects of not having truly slept for 24 hours.

We then made an attempt to find our dorm which was a bit away from the main buildings, about 5 blocks or so, but miserably failed. We had to stop and ask for directions twice. Let me just tell you, carrying your whole closet and necessities for 7 hours is taxing. I was ready to just pass out.

We finally did find the building though, Finsbury Hall and I was given room 101, which strangely is not on the main floor. My dorm is tiny. See it for yourself.

This is my giant dorm room.

I was a bit taken aback when I first saw it. I’ve been spoiled the last 3 years at Marquette. The worst part about the whole thing though was that, unlike what we were told, there was no wifi internet in the building, and in fact no internet at all…yet. I had to register my ethernet address number or something like that and read through an extensive handout. (We can only download up to 500 MB per day or they will shut our connection down) I was very upset because I wanted to get in contact with Amanda and my family and tell them I had made it from the airport. Oh well. As of the time I am writing this, I still have no internet, 18 minutes to go.

We then went out to dinner where I went real exotic and had… pepperoni pizza! Cut me some slack though, it had been a loonnng first day. Then we set out and searched for a cafe with internet for a while, finally finding one around 6:30 p.m. London time.

When I got back to my room an hour later, I unpacked everything, tidied up and went to bed at 8 p.m. I was officially a Londoner.

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