Goings on from yesterday (Jan 5)

Yesterday and today were pretty hectic. I should have written something yesterday in order to give my loyal readers a more complete and in depth read, however, I was dead tired. I will do my best now to recap the past two days. (Editors note: My last posts have been very word heavy and I apologize. From now on I will try to incorporate more pictures and videos into posts for those of you back home not looking to read for 30 minutes)

Yesterday was the first day of orientation that run a pretty lengthy 8 hours, from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Some of the more interesting highlights of the day:

After getting around 11 hours of sleep and waking up without an alarm clock, I headed to orientation at the main building.

Northampton Square, home of City University

I don’t have a picture of the building yet but here is the “park” right in front of it. Speakers talked for a while but the best part was that we were given free lunch at the school cafeteria. Guess what I had? Yup, pizza again. Can’t go wrong with pizza.

After some more speakers, we were split up into groups and taken on a little walking tour of the surrounding areas of our part of London. I love this kind of stuff so it was right up my alley.

Russian History has a lot of London ties

We got to see the house where VI Lenin used to scheme for his Bolsheviks revolution in Russia, which was also now (or maybe not now) a Karl Marx museum. As you can see by the picture, the color of the door is no accident. We saw some other neat stuff like the meat market and the Priory of St. James. What can I say, I’m kind of nerd.

Courtesy of City University

When we got back to the school we were given some wine and cheese that were very yummy.

We ended up scrambling a bit for dinner because it turns out, a lot of shops close up early in our part of London. After walking the equivalent of 10 blocks or so, we decided to enter a pub called the Shakespeare because the menu outside said they had reasonably priced food. Well, I drew the short end of the stick and had to ask the bartender for a menu. Well, turns out the kitchen was closed for the night. No food for us 😦 Luckily, a different bar/pub had some “cheap” food so I had a chicken ciabata for dinner. No drink though. I asked for a water that never came. I think ordering water at a bar is frowned upon here.

Not Tesco, but some sweet architecture nontheless

After dinner we stopped at a little Walgreens-type store called Tesco where I bought milk, bread, mustard, mayo, and turkey. All the essentials basically. Let me just say, after spending all that money eating out the first few days, I have never looked forward to cooking m own meal more. HAHA, life is funny like that.

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