Voyages to Piccadilly Circus (Jan 7 part 1)

So Jan. 7 and 8 were pretty jam packed days. I took a bunch of pictures so I will let them do most of the talking in multiple posts.

So I took the tube/underground/subway/train for the first time in over two years and I found out I was still fairly familiar with it. It’s quite basic as long as you have a handy map with you, which I did. The nearest stop to us is called Angel, and it has one of the steepest, longest escalators I have ever seen. That picture is the first one, and that’s not all. There is yet another escalator of about half that size afterwards. Pretty crazy stuff when you think about how far down you are actually going.

We decided to make our first train trip to London be to Piccadilly Circus, a famous landmark because it has the feel of Time Square in New York with all the billboards and the traffic. (Just for those of you who may be curious as to why I went to a circus, circus is just the name Londoners use for a circular road junction.) It was really pretty cool and just like I had remembered it because it was one of the places I had been taken to last time I came. Because it was a Friday, it was not as busy as it normally gets and I was even able to get a picture taken of me without anyone getting in the way. Now that is impressive. To be honest with you, I have no idea what the fountain I am posing in front of me is doing or why its famous. I’m sure it has some deep historical ties to the 15th century or something, but I have no clue. I just thought it made for a lovely picture spot. If you are that curious about the fountain, I’m sure Google can help you out with that.

I love the picture above. I took it at an intersection of a ritzy shopping district but I think it portrays all of London’s cool features. Magnificent buildings with beautiful architecture and oodles of history? Check. Iconic red double decker bus? Check. Lots and lots of interesting people? Check. It’s got it all. I took this about 3 hours into my adventure, after having wandered around the city in search of Harry Potter related stuff (success), cool architecture (yup), lunch (mmhmm), sweet alleys (of course), funny signs (bingo), the BBC (you know it) and finally even some Mexican food (I couldn’t believe it either). All in all it was a great trip, even if I was dead tired when I finally got home. . .

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