Back to school (Jan 10)

I hate to break it to you so early on for fear of losing my loyal followers but. . . there are no awesome new pictures or videos in this blog. I had my first day of school on Monday and didn’t feel there was anything picture worthy.

Ironically enough, my only class of the day was my picture taking class, visual journalism. It was kind of a bummer to go into that classroom and find out that it was a continuation on what they had done last semester. That means they already had all of their tutorials on the art of picture taking and video making. O well, I’m sure there is plenty of stuff yet to learn in that class.

One interesting note from my first day of classes: There were about 10 people in my class, and only one of them was British. Isn’t that nutty?? There were girls from Indonesia, Spain, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Ecuador and two from France. Then there was a guy from Poland and one from Britain. Talk about international flavor.

I hate to be so curt but that is really all I did on Monday. I made my own lunch and bought a scrumptious 2 dollar dinner. Believe me, the price isn’t even the best part about it, it actually tastes good.

Oh, one more blurb. I finally bought a phone that I can use to communicate with people here. (More importantly, I now have an alarm clock and don’t have to rely on my guardian angel to wake me up every morning).

If you have made it this far I guess I have to reward you with some pictures. Would you like to see what my spacious bathrooms look like? On the left is the toilet (the door is incapable of fully opening) and on the right is my shower (which I can’t complain about because I actually like it).

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3 Responses to Back to school (Jan 10)

  1. Erik C says:

    I hate to do this so early in your post but you have made a grammatical error already More importantly, I KNOW have an alarm clock and don’t have to rely on my guardian angel to wake me up every morning). come on Andrei your better than this

  2. Thanks for the spelling lesson Professor Carlson 😉

  3. Erik C says:

    no problem any time

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