Class, Class and more Class (Jan. 11)

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I had my first looonnngggg day yesterday and let’s just say, it was loonnnnggg. Not bad, and not even that boring, but definitely long.

I started off with my one hour British Media class where we spent most of the time talking about the radio broadcasting system here in England and how commercial (aka independent radio) began and grew since the 70’s. For those who don’t know, the BBC (government run) also has radio stations and up until the 70’s the only stations available were government run ones. While it was interesting to notice the stark differences in the way radio in the U.S. and in Britain began, it was a bit difficult to follow at points. First off, the projector wasn’t working so there were no power point slides to help me keep focused notes. Secondly, the teacher referred to a lot of people and events in British history that I simply had no clue about. As such, about 25% of the information went right over my head.

I rushed from that class to my next class (three buildings over) Performing Arts in London. This is a class only available for study abroad students so it was American student laden. As in 100%. The fairly large classroom was packed, and I would hazard that there were at least 40 people in the class. This was a two hour class but most of it was used playing name games in a large circle. O middle school how I had missed thee. Our professor is an actress and is also a licensed tour guide, so she knows her stuff pretty well. We will be going to see plays, and ballets, and operas in this class so it should be quite fun.

After two hours of very little mental strain I had myself some lunch from a little to-go cafeteria selling sandwiches and chips. Ate that and ventured off to my final class, international journalism.

This subject is my cup of tea. I love global politics and news, I love journalism and I love getting to talk about all that. And while the first class wasn’t all that spectacular, I can tell this will be one of if not the favorite class of the week. This week’s lesson was more of a history of communication lesson than anything so I think I dozed off at some point, but I don’t expect that to be the norm.

After classes, I met up with some Marquette peeps and we ate at a restaurant called Tortilla. (Well we actually tried to eat at a bar called Arc that had 2 for 1 pizzas but their oven wasn’t working.) Tortilla sounded like a great deviation from my all sandwich diet, and boy was I correct. I had a splendid steak Burrito that very much resembled a Chipotle burrito. It may seem a bit odd to go all the way to London to eat Mexican food, but let me close with this. Mexican food is the best in the world. The end.

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