Getting fit (Jan 12)

Taken from the City University Website

Because I had no classes yesterday, I figured I had to do something else to make up for it. That something else came in the way of getting my very own gym membership. Now, being a gym membership owner is nothing new to me. My dad signed me up for a Balley’s Gym Membership as soon as I was old enough to go. I have also been a member of the gyms back at Marquette (unknowingly paying dues in the form of tuition.) However, throughout all of my gym-going years, there has been one constant, troublesome theme. Attendance.

I’m just not that kind of guy, I think. I will get super motivated and go for two or three straight days, but once the real soreness and pain kicks in, I tend to keep away for days and weeks at a time. It’s not like I am proud of that, I make it my goal every year to bulk up and get back in shape.

I am saying all this in hopes that you, my loyal audience, will be able to keep me in line in a week when you stop hearing about my trips to the gym. As for the gym itself, it is actually quite nice. I guess here in the UK going to the gym is pretty rare and most people aren’t members. Memberships to other gyms runs between 80 and 100 pounds a month. You heard me. That’s about 130 to 170 dollars a month. No wonder no one goes. Luckily, being a student gets me a sweet discount so it’s only 22 pounds a month. By having to pay directly from my own pocket, I hope it will also keep me on track and going regularly so it doesn’t feel like I’m wasting money.

As for the interior, I would take pictures, but even that’s a little much for me. Imagine some weird foreigner going into your gym and taking pictures of everything. So I will just say this, it’s a decent size but runs on the small side for a University gym. (Click for a video tour) I would guess there are about 10 treadmill, 10 ellipticals, 5 stationary bikes, a fitness/yoga/classes room, a lot of machines for doing weights and finally a gym the size of two basketball courts. (Side rant: They charge 1 pound to check out basketballs or other athletic equipment!! That’s ludicrous in my opinion.) The only bad part about the gym is that there are no locker rooms. There are only 30 or so small lockers in a hallway on the lower floor. It costs 10 cents to rent one or you can just put your stuff in there and pray its there when you get back. Overall though, it’s definitely worth the money. All of the machines are new and the treadmills and bikes have a built in TV in them. I can’t complain too much.

I worked out at about a medium pace for an hour and a half or so yesterday so I am still on track. Let’s see how the rest of the week goes.

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