Oxford Street (Jan 14)

For my visual journalism class, I had to take pictures (5) of a newsworthy event. This turned out to be much trickier than it originally sounded, so I headed off to central London to take some pictures. I went to Oxford Street, a notorious shopping district. Whilst there, I saw an ambulance and snapped a picture. I’m not exactly sure why it was there, it might have been promotional because there was no mob of people like there normally would be when there is an ambulance. But, An ambulance is news in my book.

This is another picture I took, the day before, at a memorial for veterans near St. Paul’s Cathedral. I liked the way the little Canadian stuck out of the flowers. 

But anyways, back to Friday. I walked and walked and walked and ended up in the rich people shopping district. I passed, Dolce and Gabbana, Porsche, Hugo Boss (basically, stores I could barely afford to look at). I had no interest in them either so I turned back and found my way to where the normal humans shop. When I got hungry, I ate at a restaurant which I don’t remember but had a fabulous meal with Carne con Chilli. I should have taken a picture because it was scrumptious. Like I said the other day, you can’t beat Mexican food.

When I finally got back home, I was stuffed until about 9 p.m. I went to make myself a sandwich, however, the lunchmeat I had was smelling funky and had a greenish tint to it. That’s never a good sign. O well, I was starved so I made my sandwich and took a bite. Mistake. I should definitely not have done that. No amount of mustard and mayo was going to hide the fact that this sandwich tasted like rotten eggs. I threw it out and went to Tesco to buy myself a $2 meal. I think I’m addicted. Ha, it’s so good though. I watched a movie on my computer and called it a night.

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