St. Paul’s (Jan 13)

I’m kind of bumming right now because my camera is not working. I turned it on when I was on the bus and the lens began whirring and going in and out on its own. It wouldn’t stay on and gave me a lens error message. See, when a camera fails its bad. But when a camera fails and you literally did nothing like drop it or shake it, it’s beyond frustrating. Grr. But, these were taken two days before that, so at least I have something visual to display.

But anyways, I had two pretty good days and got to know this country a lot better in the process. I had no classes once again on Thursday so I decided to venture out into the city on foot. Lo and behold, I came across St. Paul’s Cathedral 15 minutes into my journey. I had no idea whatsoever that I was that close to it. I took lots, and lots and lots of “artsy” pictures so click on the links to have a look. I really enjoyed my walk because it revealed a new part of London that was not only historical, but super accessible. How many times in your life will you be able to say that you lived within walking distance of the most important church in the country? I tried to go inside to take more pictures there, but in typical European fashion, they wanted to charge me 13 pounds to enter. Yea right, like I’m going to pay $20 to go inside a church. One good thing about my journey to St. Paul’s, too, was that it was a weekday so the place was relatively alone. I can imagine going there on a Saturday would yield a lot of congested pictures.

About a five minute walk away from the Cathedral was none other than the Millennium Bridge. Built in 1999 to commemorate the new millennium, it wobbled when it was unveiled on Jan. 1, 2000 and was closed for a couple months or so, I believe. It doesn’t wobble any more but it still is pretty cool. It stretches across the Thames River to one of the many museums in London.  There are benches lining the sidewalks, a perfect place to prop open a book or newspaper and read, which I did. Although the water may be brown and the breeze bitter and not warm, there is a soothing quality to being by water nonetheless. I can definitely see myself coming to this spot over and over again as the weather warms up to read or just hear the waves.

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