Muffin Stumps (Jan 16)

After a hectic Saturday, I used Sunday to lay back and relax. Sort of. I went back to the Italian church and heard my second consecutive Italian mass. I really like it there (the crowdedness, the familial feeling, and the overall Italian vibe), but it may be time to look for a church that’s in English. It takes too much effort and concentration to listen to a homily in Italian and try to translate it on the fly using the few words that sound similar to Spanish. It’s probably a great mind exercise, but doesn’t lend itself to the most serene, calming atmosphere I am used to when I’m at church. Still though, I like having to work for it.

I want you to take a good long look at the picture above. Those are four of the most delicious, scrumptious, chocolaty muffins I have ever eaten. After church and a quick Tesco lunch, I trekked to the grocery store to get some things for the week. I needed lunch meat, milk, cereal and whatever else was on sale. So when I walk into Sainsbury’s (the store) what else is there to welcome me in but these savory looking muffins, on sale for half price no less. I didn’t even think about it twice. I’m used to having to pay at least 2 pounds for a crappy dessert everywhere else I go in London. An opportunity to buy heavenly muffins for 1 pound is too good to pass up, so I took full advantage of the situation and snagged a box. Great great great decision. I had a muffin as soon as I got back to my dorm and my taste buds rejoiced. A man can only eat cereal for so long before craving a real chocolaty dessert.

The rest of the day composed of me blogging (hey, those videos don’t make themselves, it took about an hour to make the last Oxford video), relaxing and watching my Bears pummel the Seahawks. Nothing quite like reaching the NFC Championship to cap off a good week.

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