Healthy living (Jan 19)

I’ve gotten the bug . . . the health bug that is. For some reason or another, I’ve gone on a little health kick the past couple days. I’ve gone to the gym on back to back days, running 2km and 2.5km each day, respectively. I even played some soccer yesterday when a bloke (ha, see what I did there? I used British slang) said he needed more people for his soccer game. How could I say no? (For those scoring at home, I did in fact score the opening goal on my first shot of the game and proceeded to play terribly the next 20 minutes)

After the gym, I went to Tesco to get milk and my usual $2 lunch. While in the store, something possessed me. Instead of grabbing a bag of chips like I had done 15 times before, I went healthy and grabbed the mango slices seen in the above picture. (It may not seem that strange to some, but those who know me also know that I eat fruits about as often as I eat chalk, which is to say never) I don’t know why I did what I did, but boy was it a fabulous decision. The mango was succulent and juicy, chilly and firm but not too firm, just how I like it. One of the best decisions I made in my time here.

Not having classes on Wednesday, I decided to go ‘sploring. I forgot to take pictures as I walked about aimlessly through London but did manage to take some nighttime stills on the bank of the Thames. It was really cool just sitting there looking at the skyline because there were a ton of runners zipping in both directions the whole time. It reminded me of the movie Run Fatboy Run.

For dinner I went to this place that had been catching my eye every Sunday on my way to church called Burrito Bros. I ordered a mild chicken burrito with lettuce, sour cream and salsa and boy was it a great choice. It was a little on the pricy side (5.50 with no chips or drink) but it was well worth it. It also helped that the place was decorated with Mexico stuff (even though the guy who made my burrito was German). I will have to go back sometime to talk to the owner and see if he really is Mexican. If he is, I forsee some discounts in my future 😉

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