Tasty Bucket (Jan 17-18)

As I start getting in the school groove I think my posting will be more irregular, meaning somedays I will post a lot and others not at all. I don’t think anyone wants to hear about my fascinating time sitting in class after class. But, as is the case with most things I do, I’ll play it by ear.

The past two days have been taken up mostly by school. So far this has consisted of lectures by the professors. I’m not sure that it was much to write home about. Well that is except for the class I added. I decided to add a political science class (Global Issues in the 21st Century) to my “heavy” schedule precisely because my schedule is very…”heavy.” Plus, it will make it easier to finish my political science major back home.

Anyway, this class took place on Monday (and Thursday as I unfortunately found out after class) and it was by far the most interesting one I have been in. My professor has an accent that makes me think she is from eastern Europe but she speaks English very well. She was very animated and encouraged participation, even calling on people that didn’t raise their hands. Anyways, once again the class was the United Nations, with students in there coming from Greece, Italy, Dubai, England, the U.S. and even Russia. Having that international flavor in an international politics class is a great recipe for good discussion and Monday did not disappoint.

The rest of the classes were fine, unremarkable at best. For my performing arts in London class we will be going to see a play next Wednesday so I guess that’s pretty cool too.

Finally, I found this little greasy spoon “diner” two blocks from my dorm that I have dubbed the Tasty Bucket. (I think the actual name is hot and tasty, so tasty bucket is quite improved in my opinion) I got a hamburger, fries and a coke for 3.49 on Monday, which in London monetary terms is a deal and a half compared to every other food establishment. The place itself is really run down and smells of burnt grease, there are no seats and the walls are peeling. It’s run by a pair of Indian guys who only speak a little English but boy can they make a burger. I don’t know if it’s because of the price, but I scarfed down my meal in like five minutes like it was a five star meal. It was so good I went back the next day and got a personal pizza meal for the same price (also delicious by the way). Needless to say, I will be frequenting the Tasty Bucket multiple times a week. One final thing that may be of interest, I saw the exact same customers on Monday and Tuesday, 3 guys in their 30s. It made me realize that I am not crazy and in fact, their food may be good.

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