Fulham Football Part 1 (Jan 22)

Check it off the list because I did it. I went to my first European soccer/football match. Long story short, it was amazing. But I know you don’t want a short story, you want to unabridged full version. And as a self avowed people pleaser, I shall cater to your demands.

Imagine my excitement as I step onto the concourse and see this majestic sight. Alas I am getting ahead of myself. I just took so many darn pictures that I feel the need to share as many of them as I possibly can.

The day started off with a Journey to Portobello Market, London’s second largest market. Getting there was an adventure within itself as Barbican Station (the station I needed to take) was closed. Being the Londoner that I am, this was no biggie. I journeyed down to St. Paul’s, the next closest station and was on my way. To my surprise however, I found out that it wasn’t the station that was closed back by my dorm, it was the whole route (The Circle Line). I had to ask for directions because there was no train running at the point I needed to transfer. The lady told me to take the bus, so I did for the first time ever (yay me). I jumped the gun a little bit and got off two stops to early, but after a bit of walking, I found the market.

Just as it was three years ago when I last came, it was packed to the gills. Shop after shop mobbed by pedestrian after pedestrian. I knew what to expect, so it didn’t phase me. It amazed me that this many people were here week after week, year after year. The coolest part was hearing all the languages being spoken by the people walking next to, on top of and past me. If I had to venture an estimate I would say a good 30% of the people spoke Spanish, 20% French, 40% English and the rest evenly divided between Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) and Eastern European (German, Slavic, Russian).

Anyways, last time I went I had eaten some delicious cupcakes so it was my mission to find that place again and, well, eat some delicious cupcakes. I’m not going to lie, it was tough passing all the sweet smelling treats and having to reject them. Mouthwatering Nutella crepes? Nope. Tantalizing chocolate glazed belgian waffle? Sadly nay. Gigantic chocolate donut as seen above? Negative. I was on a mission and would not be denied. After a bit more searching I hit the jackpot. I found the Hummingbird Bakery and bought me an expensive, but well worth it chocolate cupcake. I didn’t eat it right away though, I had a journey still ahead of me. To be continued . . .


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