This and that

I have been working on a long video from my trip to see Fulham (and have also been slacking on the doin cool stuff department) so I will make this post just a collection of this and that.

-I really like this picture I took

-After having it rain for the first 7 days I was here, it’s only slightly drizzled once or twice since. Quite curious. However, since I brought it up I have no doubt it will pour tomorrow.

-I bought tickets to see my second ever European soccer game yesterday. I am going to see West Ham play Nottingham Forest, not the greatest of match-ups but exciting nonetheless seeing as it will mark my second stadium visited. (If I start piling up stadiums it might even call for a cool map) Plus, they sing this song (video below) at every game, at least according to the movie Green Street Hooligans, so I can’t wait to hear it in person. PS- I will be in the second row and I didn’t even pay 20 pounds 🙂

-I’m going to the theatre tomorrow for my Performing Arts in London class to see A Flea in Her Ear. Should be fun.

-It was a bummer that the Bears had to lose to the Packers, but nothing they did this season convinced me they were a good team. just my 2 cents. As such, this little girl’s reaction was a bit over the top, but hilarious anyways.

– We had a speaker come in to our International Media class to talk about being a reporter in Yemen and all the crazy harsh guidelines she had to follow. The only thing I could think is who in their right mind would willingly go from living in London to living in Yemen.

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