National Marquette Day (Jan 29)

Yesterday was National Marquette Day and for those of you who aren’t familiar with NMD, it is a day, randomly selected by Marquette to celebrate the University and more importantly, the basketball team. Alumni all around the country gather together at bars to watch Marquette play (and usually lose) all the while fraternizing and what not. Basically, it’s a national pep rally that the administration hopes will get people to donate more money.

Well now, this year the ante was upped. Remember the alum I had met with during my first week here? Well he organized a little get together to officially make it INTERnational Marquette Day. There were about 18 of us that ended up making it to the Sports Cafe, an American bar that shows American sports. I got there a little early so I was able to catch the end of the Manchester United soccer game and more importantly see my favorite player, Chicharito, score the game winning goal.

When it was time, I went upstairs into a private room that had been decorated in Marquette stuff just for us. Although we didn’t have any special deals on drinks or food like we were promised it was still a good time talking to the older alumni and hearing about their days at MU. I was also using it as a networking experiencing, trying to make some connections for possible future reference but I committed the cardinal sin of networking. I forgot to ask for business cards or for email addresses. D’OH. I don’t even remember names save for one guy named Tom that I had met before. O well. One couple from the south suburbs of Chicago (Midlothian) who happened to be on a little vacation in London (he works in South Africa) did ask for my email address and said they would pass it along to somebody (brother in law I think) who does or used to work for the White Sox or some team. As you can tell, my networking skills need a lot of polishing. (However, if either of them googled my name and found their way here, thank you for the drink and the good conversation)

In the end Marquette pulled out a big victory over #10 Syracuse, snapping a two game losing streak and making a good night great. It doesn’t matter where I’m at, a Golden Eagle victory can’t be beat.

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