Haut Couture (Jan 31-2)

These past three days have been pretty chill. Just school, working out and a bit of relaxation. I’m definitely enjoying not having to witness snowmageddon back home. As I am known to do from time to time, here are some random thoughts from the past few days.

I‘m not very cultured. I thought I was but the evidence points to the contrary. Regular followers know how I dozed off last week at a play. Well I was looking for redemption this week as I went to see a performance of the American Ballet for my performing Arts in London class, but instead, I found the back of my eyelids again. Now before you judge me hear me out.

I was sitting in the second to last row of the Sadler’s Wells theatre (a beautiful modern place) and my view was impeded by a lady’s head, as you can see from the picture on the right. To make matters worse, I didn’t bring my glasses, which meant I couldn’t see the dancers, just little blurs moving frantically about the stage. You try following blobs for 2 hours and tell me how that turns out. It’s not like I completely missed the whole thing either. I tried desperately to stay awake, falling asleep for to 5 minute intervals during the first act and one 7 minute interval in the third act. Not too bad if I do say so myself. (That is until I tell you that I left at the second intermission and missed the final act. My bad)

For those keeping score at home this is how my tally breaks down for “cultured” events.
Plays in last year-1 Z’s-1
Orchestras in last year- 1 Z’s-1
Ballets in last year-1 Z’s-1
The opera is next week…gulp. Cross your fingers for me.

Oh and another thing, I bought a ticket to see Tottenham play Bolton at home on Saturday! That’s culture right?

For my international news class I was put in a group that has to “discuss over a cup of coffee” a certain world event. I got the effects of Egypt on the Middle East i.e. what it means for Israel and other Arabic countries. If you have thoughts on the subject leave a comment or two.

I’ve already worked out twice this week. Booya! Now comes the hard part because I am going to wake up very sore tomorrow. If I can drag my butt all the way around the corner and to the gym, that will be a huge victory.

All this working out has made me hungry. Like really hungry. Whereas before I would eat my meals and maybe have a snack at night, I am now ravenous all day. I went through two boxes of cereal and a jar of Nutella too. It’s not like that’s a bad thing, I could use a bit of weight and muscle, it just stinks that it has to come while I’m in one of the most expensive cities in the world. O well, time for another cookie 😉

Finally, I was super excited about finding tickets online to see Chelsea next Friday for only 3 pounds. It wouldn’t let me buy them online so I called this morning to get them only to find out it was the youth team that was playing. D’oh. That’s not embarrassing at all.

P.S.- One of my videos has over 700 hits on Youtube! Let’s get this bad boy to 1000.

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