Long Overdue

My sincere apologies to those of you who have come to my blog in search of interesting/funny/boring/random anecdotes from London and haven’t found anything all week. Sorry sorry and sorry again. I have no excuse other than sheer laziness. It’s not even like I had a lot on my plate either. With that out of the way, let’s get down to what you have missed.

On Tuesday I went to the Royal Court Theatre to see a play called “The Heretic” with my Arts in London class. The theatre was a lot smaller than the other ones I had been to which was an amazing turn of events for me. I hate to bring it up for fear of embarrassing myself yet again but . . . I forgot my glasses. Again. I had them on my desk so as to make sure I didn’t leave home without them, but that was to no avail. I forgot them anyways. Lucky for me, I could actually see this time because of the small theatre size. It wasn’t a “small play” though, seeing as the lead character was played by Juliet Stevenson (the mom in Bend it Like Beckam) and it got some very good reviews.

Basically to sum it up, it’s about a climate change professor who doesn’t believe in climate change and how she gets fired from her job for her beliefs. Of course there is much much more to it than that but that is the main theme. The play is a bit dark and includes loads and loads of profanity, but on the whole I found it to be hilarious. Ahh, the wonders of being able to see. I should also add that the seats were very plush and comfortable, which made it an even more impressive feat that I did not nod off even once 😉

The rest of the week was spent either working out, eating, or simply relaxing. I don’t know what has gotten into me but I am currently at levels of fitness unseen since, maybe ever. It’s not like I wake up with an itch to workout every day either, it has sort of turned into a habit, a really healthy habit. I will do 5 miles on the stationary bike, followed by 2 miles on the treadmill, an ab workout and finished up with weight lifting. The only days I don’t go are Tuesdays and Sundays. Tuesdays because I am in class all day and usually have a play at night and Sundays because I go to church and soccer games. Plus, once I shower, I find that my motivation to go to the gym goes completely out the window.

As for the food aspect, I am constantly hungry now because of the increase in my activity I think. I mean I’ve always liked to eat but now it’s insatiable. The only downside (other than food here is expensive) is that my between meal snacks are probably not the healthiest in the world. I pick between Nutella, sugary cereals, cookies, Nutri-grain bars, and cereal bars. But hey, its something right.

What you see there is the demolition of some of the tastiest chicken wings I have ever eaten. Instead of going for the usual chicken burger, I mixed things up and got the wings and chips and it was a tremendous decision. They were grilled, not fried, and had some tasty seasoning on them that made me lay waste to the whole plate of them. With wings and chicken burgers now a staple of the dinner menu, my food repertoire has increased greatly. That is also without mentioning the cheap chinese food I found near my school. Man, my mouth is watering. I will take a picture next week when I go back for more.

Finally, today my streak was broken. For the first time in four attempts, the team that I went to see did not score a goal, get a penalty kick, or win. Fulham lost 1-0 in a deflating match against Bolton. I had seats right at midfield, about 6 rows up which was a great call on my part because my seats had a roof overhead to contain the constant drizzle. Despite the loss it was still a great game and a great environment. To top it off, the ticket was only 10 pounds. You can’t beat that. That’s about it for this week, hopefully I will snap out of my malaise and continue to blog frequently.

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