Camden Market (Feb 26)

Last Saturday I voyaged to the world famous Camden Market to see what adventures I could wrangle up, and despite some inclement weather, I was not disappointed. Let’s just say, when at the end of the day you feel woozy from an overload of delicious smells, colorful sights and upbeat tunes, that’s when you know its been a good day.

The picture right above is definitely the coolest public seating I’ve ever seen in my life. Those are vespa seats you are looking at, and it is a place to sit down and enjoy some delicious grub. Not only that, but it overlooks the water and creates a scenic backdrop. All for free. How cool is that?

And that’s without even mentioning exactly how great the food looked, smelled and tasted.

That was my meal, a juicy Argentinean steak sandwich. Do you even have to ask how it was? Just look at it. The steak melted like butter in my mouth and the leafy greens, red pepper, and secret salsa combined to make this one of the mot satisfying meals I have had in London. It wasn’t easy making this choice though. At this market, there are rows upon rows of decently priced, amazing smelling food stands. Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Mexican, Palestinian, Turkish,  Peruvian, British, West African, Vegetarian, Spanish, French, you name it. There was just so many choices. They all gave out samples too making the decision making process even more difficult. Let’s just say, I will be back. There are too many stands that went untasted.

Being a Saturday and all, there were masses upon masses of people, not that you could tell from the picture above. I read somewhere that close to a million people visit this market every weekend. And even though the weather was far from ideal, it was raining most of the afternoon and was surprisingly cold, that didn’t stop the crowds from forming.

Why exactly is the market so special? It’s massive. There are SO many shops selling so many things. Tee shirts, souvenirs, boots, desserts, clothing, vintage clothing, leather, art, posters, supplies, candles. Basically everything. It’s not like it’s one specific street like Portabello Road either. It winds and turns and rises and drops. There is no way to do it justice. Just know that if you are ever in London, you have to visit.

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