All that glitters is not gold (Mar 1)

As elegant, historic, lively and magnificent as London may be, we cannot overlook the fact that it is still just a normal city with normal city problems. Just as you will find mice in Detroit, Los Angeles and Chicago, you will find them in this fair city.

I happened to run across these particular at a rather opportune moment (because I had my camera on me) and was able to document it for your “enjoyment.” I was waiting for a train on the subway when I spotted these critters. I don’t know how these little fuzzy creatures can be so terrifying, but they definitely mad me jump out of my shoes. After the initial shock and disgust passed, I managed to snap a picture before hastily retreating to the safety of the train.

Anyways, I met the 7 hungry mice on the way back from my fifth and final trip to British theatre. I saw the play Vernon God Little with my preforming arts in London class and I have to admit, it was very very funny. My seats were beyond terrible, seeing as I was all the way on the right hand side of the stage and two feet behind it. Yes, behind it. I almost tripped the leading actor twice. The good part about it was that at least I didn’t need my glasses (which I had forgotten at home). It was a good way to end my British culturalization though, with an American comedy that had two scenes based in Mexico. What are the odds. For any of you still counting at home, I made a valiant comeback and came up on top in the end.
Andrei sleeping 2
Andrei awake 3

As Charlie Sheen likes to say: Winning.

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