Thirsty Pigeons? (Mar 5-7)

So I am minding my own business walking to church on a particularly clear day Sunday when I hear a loud “plop.” Looking down I see my foot is in three inches of water. This was particularly strange because it hadn’t rained that morning, or even the night before. Taking a quick peep around the corner I immediately saw the source of the deluge, a busted water main spewing gallon after gallon of water. Normally, I would look at it, think to myself “dang, that’s a lot of wasted water,” and walk away, never to think about it again. This was different though. I was in dire need of a picture of climate change and or water conservation for my visual journalism class and all of my previous attempts had fallen flat. By a great stroke of fortune, I happened to be carrying my camera to church (no idea why), and I was able to snap a pretty awesome picture, if I do say so myself. I took a few more too, just in case, but this last one sealed it and off to church I went. All in all, a pretty spectacular morning. Now if someone can launch a protest or some other “newsy” event some time in this next week I would be much obliged.

Now the previous day (Saturday) I happened to be minding my own business, riding the tube on my way to yet another soccer game when in flies that fuzzy thing in the picture. As strange as that was to me (I busted out my camera quicker than John Wayne drew a pistol because I was so amazed), the strangest part of the whole sequence was the reaction of my fellow subway riders. They acted like nothing happened. Nothing whatsoever. It wasn’t like the bird flew in and out in the blink of an eye either. It flew in to my left, waddled its way across the whole length of the train, had a cup of tea, read the morning paper, did the crossword puzzle before finally flying away . . . when we got to the next stop! It rode the train a full stop and no one batted an eye. People these days.

After the whole pigeon ordeal, I managed to see a doozy of a game. Once again, I went to see Fulham play, and not only because they have the cheapest tickets in town (19 pounds). I am a fan. A full fledged scarf wearing, face painting, chant singing fan. I always liked them because they always have an American on the team, but now that I have seen them live thrice, it’s not even close. They are my #1 team in England. As for the game itself, it was a thriller. Fulham won a 3-2 on a controversial penalty kick in the 90th minute. It was awesome to be in the raucous crowd, but for the first time all year, I had great conversations with the people around me. The guy to my right had been coming to the games for over 45 years since he was a wee lad so he had some great stories. When the game winning goal went in, he even turned to me to celebrate. (He was real impressed that an American not only liked and understood soccer, but out of all the teams in Europe I supported lil ol Fulham.) Another day, another great game.

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1 Response to Thirsty Pigeons? (Mar 5-7)

  1. Chris says:

    Gosh I wish I was there for that game. Talk about amazing! And I would have liked to meet the gentleman next to you! Sounds like a very interesting guy. Now if only Clint had bagged his 10th…

    p.s. I cannot begin to describe how pleased I am that you have chosen Fulham. 🙂 C’mon you Whites!

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