Grounded: for real this time

This is definitely not what I flew on this past month during my voyages in the Old Continent. (Taken by me in Milan)

By grounded, I do not mean it in the American term as in I have gotten in trouble with my parents and I therefore am not allowed to partake in certain activities, but instead in the literal meaning, as in I am on the ground for good now. In the past month I have traveled on 10 Ryan Air flights (a story deserving of its own space for those of you not familiar with the bargain airline), 8 buses, 7 different subway systems, 2 public buses, 1 tram and 1 cross-country train. I have visited five countries and 10 different cities, never staying in one place for more than five days.

I have been running around non-stop and have only had spotty internet access. As such, this blog (and all you loyal readers who keep coming to it) has not gotten the care and attention it deserves. Not to worry, all of these travels have given me plenty of content to fill up this space for the weeks to come. It’s the home stretch and with school all but finished, this will be my main project these last two weeks. Thank you for your continued support!

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