Deutschland Experience (Part 3)

Well I thought I could finish off Germany in two blog posts but I was badly mistaken. The other post was getting pretty long already and I had so much more to say that I felt a new post was needed to keep things manageable from a readers standpoint. (If you haven’t read part 2 click here)

Anywho, where were we. We had just finished our delicious ice cream and headed back to Christina’s dorm. Her room at the time happened to reside over a Lidl (think grocery store like Aldi) so Amanda and I took full advantage. We bought about 5 pounds (weight not currency) worth of German chocolate, croissants, brie cheese and some fine German wine (89 cents and in a box). We were getting ready to go out with Christina and her boyfriend later that night so we had to make sure we had some food in our stomachs.

Little did we know that we were going to a restaurant before going out. No matter, it was a good thing I had eaten beforehand because my food (a loaded potato minus the chicken because it was a Friday during Lent) took about an hour to arrive. While I waited for my food I munched on Amanda’s nachos what were o so delicious. When my order finally came I scarfed it down and we ran out the door because we were supposed to meet some of Christina’s friends at a bar. Unfortunately, we took so long that they had already left. After that we went to a nightclub, the name of which escapes me at this moment. It was my first experience at a German club and frankly, probably my last. It was fun being there with Amanda and her friends but that’s not really my thing. Plus, the next time I’m in Germany I will probably be too old for that kind of thing. Still though, I had a good time dancing on the crowded dance floor and the beer was relatively cheap. It was only 2 Euros for a Heineken whereas most bars and clubs charge around 4. At around 12:30 a.m. we called it a night and headed home.

We drove back to Lingenfeld the next morning, but not before I raided the bakery of croissants and snacked on a Bratwurst. The ride back saw a bit more traffic so it took us about 2 hours to get home, not that I would know though, seeing as I was out for all but a few minutes. We relaxed for most of the day and had our last supper with the Defflands. She had made lasagna which, much like the rest of the food I had eaten in Germany, was delicious. At night we went on another double date, this time going bowling in a sweet bowling alley. The first floor was a McDonalds, the second a gym, and the third a bowling alley and pool hall. There were only 6 lanes but it made it that much more fun being able to hear each other for once. I finished in second the first game before stepping my game up and beasting my way to a 152 in the second.  Instead of going out to a bar yet again we decided to have a night in watching a movie or two, only when we went to the movie rental place, it was already closed. Sadly, Redbox has yet to make an international appearance so we were out of luck. Luckily, (the irony in that word being used is phenomenal and absolutely done consciously) Christina had a few movies in English so we watched Honey, starring Jessica Alba as a ghetto dance star. High comedy right there.

The week had flown by and it was time to go the next morning. We had one final breakfast with Christina and her finally before packing our luggage and heading back to London. I also wanted to document the Deffland’s house before leaving because I was very impressed with it. It was spotless and very modern. Take a look for yourself.

We said our goodbyes, took one final picture with her parents and headed to Frankfurt for our flight back to the UK. I had heard a lot about Germany from Amanda and how much she loved it and wanted to live there some day and I can see why. It is a beautiful country but what really made our trip special was the hospitality shown by Christina and her family. I am so so thankful for having met them myself. They are selfless, caring, funny people always trying to make sure we were comfortable. I had an amazing five days in Germany and they were the main reason why.

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